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I'm part of a team that helps people and organizations figure out the cause of their problems and create lasting soutions.


Hi! Thanks for taking a moment to get acquainted.

I get to write most of this blog because of my association with a talented team of people that help organizations discover how to solve problem faster and make better decisions. This company is passionate about showing people--like you--how to improve performance.

Action Management Associates is a 28 year-old global consulting and training company that specializes in helping organizations improve performance by developing the critical thinking skills needed for effective problem solving and decision making.

For most of my career I've been involved in helping organizations and individuals figure out what isn't working in their lives and how to find a lasting solution. While working with a wide spectrum of audiences and a diverse group of companies, I've gained a reputation for helping leaders at all organizational levels uncover underlying causes of ineffectiveness and take specific actions to change behaviors.

I write from a pretty diverse background as president of my own consulting firm, a fifteen year career in the staffing industry that included responsibilities in employee development, sales, operations, marketing, and P&L management of a $30 million region, working with franchise owners, and five years in the non-profit arena as a speaker and writer.

I try to contribute to the professional community in Dallas as a Business Leadership Center Instructor at the SMU Cox School of Business and as a member of CEO Netweavers.